Partnership with a primary school community can help modify the effects of climate change. As Kenya continues to experience climatic extremes, rainfall patterns cannot be guaranteed. As a result rural farmers in our partnership found they did not have enough food to feed their children. Consequently, this has an impact on the health of the children and their families. Training in farming methods encourages the community to improve their health through increased food security.

Because the soil is often poor for multiple reasons Feeding Futures partners with the Mukinyai School Community to provide practical training opportunities in conservation agriculture. The soil can be enriched; water can be retained and erosion reduced. So, if the soil is treated with care and respect, crops grow better and healthier and this leads to enriched lives for that community.

  • Climate change in Kenya is a reality – the rain can no longer be guaranteed to arrive ‘on time’ as in previous years.

  • There are no instant solutions to poverty – Time and effort are required by all of us.

  • Crop rotation, minimal tillage, mulching and composting + hard work are needed to sustain food supply

  • Partnership is the way to achieve Sustainability for Mukinyai.

Join us in partnership with a school community

Partnership with Mukinyai Primary School Community is about building working relationships that work. As the Mukinyai Community have seen us working with them, they have expressed their gratitude for everyone who supports Feeding Futures. During visits by UK trustees we have heard comments like “you come all this way to help us – thank you”

In this TENTH anniversary year, why not partner with us and play a part in the transition from reliability on external help to independence and sustainable for rural communities. Please contact us to find out how you can help. Thank you.



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