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Project One - School Meals

Feeding Futures began after Vanessa Bennett, a mother of young children in the UK became aware of children collapsing from hunger at school. St Brendan's Primary is a rural school in the village of Ngwataniro in the Rift Valley of Kenya. The head teacher is Peterson Githinji, a friend of Vanessa's, and together in 2009, they pledged to do all they could to help the children of that area out of poverty. With the help of supporters in the UK, Feeding Futures was born.

In April 2010, Feeding Futures built a kitchen at St Brendan's School, later adding a food store. With joy and celebration, each of the 730 children at the school began receiving a substantial meal 2 days per week. As supporters were found and Standing Orders set up, we were able to gradually increase the number of days children were fed at school and from July 2011 - following the food crisis in the Horn of Africa - the children have been fed every school day.

Feeding Futures is now providing over 160,000 nutritious lunch time meals each year for the children, many of whom would have had no lunch at all and for some, it is their only meal of the day. The impact of the meals has been huge. The school has received an award for the most improved exam scores in the area, and the feeding programme is the talk of the district. More than that, though, is the impact on individual lives.  



Project Two - Farm Training

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day...
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life"

Now we have reached our first goal of feeding the children every day, we are moving our attention towards sustainability. Ultimately, we want to be no longer needed in Ngwataniro. From its conception, Feeding Futures has been about maintaining the dignity of its beneficiaries. Guarding against donor-dependency, we are there to support and enhance rather than take over the efforts of the community. Through community focus groups and interviews looking at the resources and needs of the community, Feeding Futures ascertained that virtually all members of the community are farmers and their felt need was to increase the yield from their land through training.

We have taken the expertise of the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture and a number of Non-Governmental Organisations. In March 2013, we began a pilot Farm Training Programme. See the NEWS section to read how it's going and for the latest updates.