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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day...
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life"


Feeding Futures both feeds people and teaches them how to feed themselves. We are based in the rural village of Ngwataniro in the Molo region of Kenya. The people there are all farmers and they struggle to meet their families' daily needs. Since 2010, we have been feeding the 730 children at the primary school there. Now the children are getting a nutritious meal every school day, we have moved on to train their parents in improved food production in order for them to become self-sufficient.

Hear from our Farmers...

Mary Wairmu: “I have learned a lot from our Feeding Futures trainer. I used to harvest 4 bags [90kg per bag] of maize but now harvest 8.5 bags in the same area. Even more important than that is due to new ways of planning and managing my shamba I now always have something that is ready to harvest and eat. Before, I would go hungry while waiting for a long time for my one crop to be ready.”

Stanley Tilalli: “The training has been good. I used to farm like a lay man but now I can proudly show you I am doing it professionally. I used to have land of 3 acres but could not use it as I had no seeds and lacked know-how. Now I use all 3 acres and rent even more! I had 1 cow and now have 3 cows and a donkey to help me! My advice to others: 1 – You can’t advance on your own – we need to work together and help each other; 2 – You can’t advance without being ready to learn and work hard.”

Ruth Wanjiku: “I used to look for labouring jobs each day with a small group of friends. At first they couldn’t understand why I was wasting my time learning but they now see a changed person in me and come to find out how I managed it. I have shown them how to change their plots and have shared my seed with them. Now, instead of them crying to me for cabbages, we have planted and will watch our cabbages grow together. I can now employ day labourers myself when there is too much for me to do. I am now a proud employer and not a labourer. I have also managed to send my children to secondary school and I have helped others – even by renting land for my friend.”
(Watch Ruth talk about her experience with Feeding Futures on YouTube)

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"We are motivated to remain in school and we have enough strength to keep us in class and do exercise in the field." Susan, Class 6
"I have learned a big lesson from Feeding Futures that it doesn't require one to be very rich to help a person in need." Susan, Class 6
"This is a new dawn to our school community because never had anyone dreamt of such a huge solution to food shortage and hunger in school-going children." John Nderitu, Senior Teacher